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A profile image of Brock Ashby standing with arms folded A image of Brock Ashby skinny in 2014 and ripped in 2018

If you are like most busy working professionals, you have a highly stressful job and struggle to prioritise your health and fitness. You have meetings to attend, targets to hit and deadlines to meet. You do not exercise enough and find yourself indulging in junk food that you know is not good for your waistline. There just is not enough time in a day!

Your gym membership has been active for months but you only attend a handful of times. If by chance you do make it into the gym, you do not know where to start and you wonder if there’s a better plan to help you get the results you want faster. Should you do cardio? Should you do weights? Or even a group class? It gets so confusing....

The extra kilos around your waist are kicking you are self-esteem and the reality has hit that your not in the shape that you really want to be in. You want to feel slick in your shirt at work, jumping from meeting to meeting with heads turning at the confidence you walk with.

When I first began training I was just like you. I had no idea what I was doing and I did not even have a goal! I did endless amounts of cardio, random workouts and still ate whatever I wanted.

I was putting in a lot of work but was not getting the results. Eventually I realised I needed a system that would work.

I enrolled myself to become a certified Personal Trainer and invested time and money into courses, online courses, coaches and books to help me understand the best systems to get the best results.

I experimented with many different workout programs and nutrition protocols and through trial and error, achieved a body transformation of my own. In three years, I went from a skinny, hungry and lethargic 69kgs to a lean, strong and energetic 85kg. I felt awesome and I wanted others to feel it too.

I began coaching busy working professionals who wanted the same results I had achieved and by analysing their lifestyles and challenges, I uncovered five factors that were holding all of my clients back. They were; time scarcity, lack of sleep, limited exercise, high stress and poor diet. So to help my clients overcome these challenges, I constructed an 8 week program designed specifically to overcome all of these obstacles and get them looking their best and feeling awesome and full of energy.

Life is better when you feel better about yourself, so why not live life to the full?

Over the last two an a half years, I have been helping clients from all walks of life transform their bodies and change their lives.

So if you are looking to feel awesome, be full of energy and look the best you can then sign up to my 8 week program to begin your transformation today.


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